A standard treatment will last approximately but not limited to one hour. beginning with an assessment of locomotion including a walk/trot up and a sequence of movements to see if there are any obvious signs of stiffness and where it is coming from.

A consultation form will be filled out by the owner to establish some knowledge of the horses workload, diet and life style which helps to create a picture of what could be effecting the muscular system.

I will carry out an evaluation by palpating the muscles to identify areas of tension then tailor the treatment accordingly.


The Veterinary Act 1964 – The veterinary act requires permission to be obtained before any treatment. This can a simple phone call to your vet to let them know you intend to book a massage for your horse.

Please note that equine massage is a complimentary therapy and in no way a replacement for veterinarian treatment. If you have any health concerns what so ever about your horse you must contact your vet first.